TURMS Stain Repellent & Anti Odour Round Neck Cotton Men’s T-Shirt

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Here's a t-shirt that has been crafted with endless patience, human effort, and one single mission: "To create a fashionable tee that one would want to wear forever". The thought of stains dirtying your white tee should worry you no more. Your tee will smell fresh inspite of a day long in the outdoors.Add to that, the supreme elegance and comfort of this garment. We bet nothing can stop this from becoming your favorite T-Shirt.

User reviews

It repelled water really well on the first use. Got dirty and sweat stain like any ordinary white t-shirt. After first wash, it was no where close to the white it was brand new. And has to iron really really well to regain water repellency. If you miss a spot, like I did, a pigeon is gonna crap precisely at that spot, an you're gonna feel the wetness inside. True story.Also note, the t-shirt doesn't absorb any sweat, so the inside is gonna be really really wet.Conclusion, each time I wear it, it collected some sort of stain, like any ordinary white t-shirt and now after 3, 4 times wearing it, I no longer use it.But that's only because I had unreal expectations from their marketing and bought the pure white t-shirt. Any other color would be fine. I guess.
This shirt is very good, especially in white - the stain repellent property helps keep it relatively clean.However, it is not stain proof, it accumulates grey stains around the neck and yellow stains in the armpit area. It washes very well though, and dries fairly quickly. Not sure about the insulating properties that another customer has left on his/her review. My shirt was fine on a hot summer day.
Material and feel of fabric is excellent for what it offers.The fit is more of a slim fit and figure hugging, hence advisable probably to buy a size larger than what one regularly uses .....For people used to a comfort fit this product is an absolute NO ....

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