True Roots Botanical Hair Tonic to Delay Hair Greying, 75 ml

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True Roots stops new grey hair from the roots - greying of hair is caused due to decreasing levels of melanin in the hair roots, true roots increases the melanin levels and stops new grey hair; True roots natural hair tonic is dermatologist tested and clinically proven to show no new greys in 90 days; True roots botanical hair tonic has a pleasant fragrance and non-sticky formula that gets easily absorbed in the hair roots, no need to wash off; With natural actives - true roots creates a...

User reviews

"Its delay graying properties is really inspired me to use this product. Once you spray it after washing you hair, it’s bound to be so much more moisturized, soft and shiny, and all of this without any stickiness! It is also supposed to stop hairfall. Since it is natural and owned by Marico, I will keep using it. Will buy again if it works."..It has been a month since I started using this product. I am not seeing much results yet but want to use it for some more weeks. I think it'll work slowly since it is a natural product by reputed company Marico. It smells good and its not oily so I don't mind using every day..
Early greying is a big problem for me so I thought i'd give this a try. Going to try this as instructed for 90 days and I hope it works. Liking the mild smell already.Been using every day just spraying it on, but yet to see results. Doesnt make hair sticky and is easy to use, so its worth trying for a little longer. Is anyone else seeing results?slow changes are starting. some baby hairs that are just starting to grow are not as grey as before. they're brown now, like they used to be naturally before. cant wait to see the full results.
Hoping that this works. I haven't seen many things like this, because everything else is usually dyes and cover up sprays. Lets see how this goes.One month in, getting small but visible results - hair texture is good and greying is still there but less. liking the smell. Let's see in 2 more months how much change is there.90+ days, visible results in delaying grey hair and helping get hair color back from roots itself. My experience is well n good and i want to recommend this to others also!

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