Pantene Hair Fall Control Shampoo, 1L

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Now with the best ever Pantene, get hair that’s 'stronger inside, shinier outside'. Contains keratin damage blockers technology that helps prevent hair breakage caused by damage, resulting in up to 98 percent less hair fall when used daily. Strengthens hair from root to tip. Prevents damage that results in hair breakage. Up to 98 percent less hair fall with daily use with regular Pantene system use vs non conditioning shampoo based on test results under laboratory conditions.

User reviews

Good enough shampoo for daily use. Purchased this shampoo and conditioner from the range as I was facing hair fall issue. Found this shampoo to be gentle and pleasant smelling. Creamy formula leaves hair soft without causing any dryness. Since, it's a creamy formula it doesn't cause any hair breakage while washing due to dryness. After using this shampoo, my hair feel really soft, bouncy and shiny to touch. However, my only con with this shampoo is it doesn't magically stops hair fall as it claims. While, it does prevents further hair fall and prevents hair breakage and in this way is better than other shampoos but in no way it would make your hair grow or stop your hair fall at once. But then it's very rare to find a shampoo that can stop hair fall altogether. There are only shampoos that cause more or shampoos that cause less hair fall. For hair fall issue, I have found, serums, lotions, and oils are the best solution as they tend to stay on your scalp for longer to work their magic. So if you're looking for a shampoo that prevents hair fall due to breakage and dryness or one that cause lesser hair fall, go for this one!
Seems tampered.. Pantene shampoos are never like what we get this time.. It was worst experience this time.. seems like some sort of Fevicol or Gum is mixed in it... it increased hairfall.. I m sure.. its a duplicate product..
It’s very hard to look stylish, if you have a kracky & damage hair. And with each hair fall you confidences also fall down. You have to keep always your hair tied up. I was one of you before I started using “Pantane Hairfall shampoo”. It not only reduces my hair fall but also make my hair smooth & silky. I loved the product & recommended to my frds too.

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