Nivea Fresh Natural Deodorant For Women, 150ml

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NIVEA Fresh Natural Deodorant contains ocean extracts which gives day long freshness. It also gives reliable protection against body odour & a subtle fresh feeling.

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Always been a great fan of Nivea products. Whenever I visit US or a relative/friend is coming from US I ensure that I get my hands on Nivea roll-ons, moisturizing lotions and cold creams. All are fantastic products and I have been using it for a long time. Bought it for my wifey who suffers from really strong body odor and also have a very sensitive skin. The perfume is mild and it smells very fresh and pleasant, very similar to their cold cream. This one worked really well on her, no itches or any allergies. Smell-wise, it lasted for 6-8 hours which is pretty fine considering her working conditions and the current weather. Amazon's delivery was on time as usual and we got it in well-packed box. Got it a great price (INR.129) and it's manufacturing date is January 2018. Great product, well priced, good discount, fresh stock, timely delivery.. what more can I ask for??? Overall an excellent shopping experience. For others I recommend this product, it's an awesome product from a top-notch brand. It lives up it's reputation and certainly worth a blind buy. Go for it and you won't be disappointed. Thanks for reading my review. Please don't forget to click on the YES button if you found this review useful. Have a great smelling day.
This Nivea deodorant is so fresh and breezy. * It has a fresh morning scent. * It lasts longer than sone other counterparts not for the whole day but for a considerable amount of time. * the packaging was good. Though it came with a tape over the nozzle the bottle seemed full and unsused. * It has a nozzle lock which is great. * It doesn't clog or leaves any residue. * The bottle has a little height but it can be carried in a purse provided you carry a big one.Overall happy with the purchase. And if this review helped you in deciding please click on the helpful button. Thank you have a great day.
Smell is very mildNot long lastingMax time - 1 hourPlease try other Nivea fragrance, but not this one

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