ZEEL Mens Raincoat with Adjustable Hood | Reversible Raincoat for Men | Rain Coat with Waterproof Pant and Carrying Pouch | JS301

Rs. 1,599
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  • Age Range: ‎Adult
  • Brand: ‎ZEEL
  • Material Type: ‎Synthetic
  • Material Composition: ‎80% Nylon
  • Outer Material: ‎Synthetic, Synthetic
  • Size: ‎XL
  • Sport: ‎Trekking,Camping
  • Style: ‎Contemporary
  • Manufacturer: ‎ZEEL


  • WATERPROFF PROTECTION: The Zeel waterproof raincoat jacket for men comes with drawstrings at the top as well as a bottom that gives you advanced protection against rain and wind along with PVC coating on the Lining for water resistance.
  • FLAP OVER ZIPPER AND EXTRA POCKETS: The raincoat jacket comes with velcro and flap over the Zipper and 2 front pockets and one inner pocket to provide additional protection and increased convenience to bikers during their bike...

    User reviews

    Product is good and great quality, check for size before buying
    अच्छा और टिकाऊकाफी लंबे समय तक मैंने इसका उपयोग किया अब तक कोई भी दिक्कत नहीं आया प्रोडक्ट अच्छा है
    Zeel's product lineup is a bit confusing, especially on Amazon. So research carefully before you order.This one however, is fully reversible (black and (chosen color) and silver lining inside).I had never owned a proper raincoat before this, and this is durable and waterproof apparel, at its best.It's a bit pricy, but definitely equivalent to the likes of Decathlon in terms of quality, when compared to their products nearly double the price.Zeel is a no brainer when it comes to raincoats, just choose the right one with their details, because they tend to just copy paste the details, without verifying.TLDR; Raincoat and pant are brilliant, durable and reversible. Choose from Zeel's product lineup wisely.

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