Fitbit Charge 3 Fitness Activity Tracker Special Edition (Lavender Woven) with Offer on Accessory

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  • Better measure calorie burn, understand resting heart rate and more with 24/7 heart rate tracking
  • Battery lasts up to 7 days for continuous access to insights and inspiration, varies with use and other factors
  • Use 15+ exercise modes, set goals, see progress in real time and learn how to improve over time
  • Automatically record time spent in light, deep and REM sleep stages and get tips for better sleep
  • Swim proof and water resistant to 50m so you can...

    User reviews

    I had the fitbit alta before this in 2016. Slacked on my fitness journey in 2017/18, decided to take charge this year. I bought this tracker in Jan 2019 and waited for a month to review and here are my observations:1. I faced step count issues with this. It refused to track my steps and I had to try many methods mentioned on the fitbit forum all of which were stop-gap arrangements. The good part however -the Fitbit support on Twitter is exceptional. They are quick to respond and relentlessly follow to ensure you are satisfied with your product. They remotely rectified the issue with a few details I shared about my Fitbit account and ever since, this tracker is the best decision I made. I STRONGLY recommend anyone who's facing issues with their fitbit to connect with Fitbit customer care on Twitter.2. I am new to running so it doesn't bother me that I need assisted GPS to help track my runs - if you are not a runner, this shouldn't bother you.3. Love that it is compatible with many of my apps for notifications4. Love how it's able to customise and track multiple forms of exercises5. The not so good: I am starting to sense a rash creeping up, but I also think this could be because my band is too tight or some moisture (water or sweat) was caught in and was unable to dry up in time. I never faced this with the Alta but I was extremely careful about keeping my Alta dry6. Yet to try this for a swim so no inputs there.7. Tip: Use this to record your exercise and water intake, Use My Fitness Pal for your food intake - it has a wide variety of food options across the globe - many Indian brands and items included, Use Record (Under Armour) to track other activities like kayaking for example - Record and MFP sync to your Fitbit and I find the combination of these 3 most efficient to track my fitness journey.
    Bought Fitbit Charge 3 a month ago and the delivery was on time for my Steptathlon Challange at office. It tracks a lot of stats and the most I liked was the Heart Rate and Sleep Quality. The Fitbit app provides a lot of insight based on the data gathered by tracker and they also have good articles on several aspects of tracking stats. Overall a very good tracker to have. Was exposed to rain couple of times and no issues at all.Here comes the issues:Exactly after a month of use, suddenly the battery got discharged quickly. It was 65% when I went to sleep and by next day morning the tracker was off. This was surprising for a premium product like this. So I did some trouble shooting steps mentioned on community portal but no use. Then I contacted Amazon customer service who redirected me to company customer support as the device was covered under warranty.The interaction with company's customer service was very pleasant (the call goes to Philippines but it is toll free) and they gave me a detailed trouble shooting steps to see if it can be fixed else the replacement can be processed. After trying the the troubleshooting steps the device though started working (it was tracking all the stats) but the display didn't come-up at all. Same day I reach out to customer support and they were prompt in initiating the replacement.Now my replacement order is placed by them (they only send the new tracker not the charger/strap etc.) and they have suggested that the old defective device should be trashed at any e-waste processing unit. You don't have to send the old device back.After a day, I was still trying to fix the issue, and did a recharge for 1 hour by connecting to computer's USB power port. Once the device was charged, I unpaired the device from the app and paired it again. Then the display came back and the tracking also working but it is still in observation and I would rather take the new device as it may go bad again.Now waiting for my new tracker and yes I did ask few questions about the old tracker, like will it deactivated, what happens to the data already stored in device, can this be reused by someone if given to e-waste. So awaiting answers.After observation:Yes, the battery quick drain issue still exists and it is not even lasting for a day.
    Bought the Fitbit Charge 3 2 days ago as a replacement for a really old charge HR. It's a very good looking device for one and I have done the whole counting steps while walking and comparing at the same time and it appears to accurate so far. The sleep tracking is the bomb! (the chart it develops in the app looks beautiful and is easy to read)I am still working on figuring out how the app detects workouts (since it hasn't detected any of my Nike Training Club workouts, which might be due to the fact that they are shorter than 15 mins or low intensity). There are supposedly settings to record those in as well.For my use it has worked as a proper replacement for my previous device. I have had no pairing issues which a lot of people mentioned (yet).Also, just a pattern I noticed with my previous Charge HR, when you dont sync the device with the phone for a while, it is more likely to take time or be problematic while syncing. If you sync regularly, even the old devices do just fine 🙂

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