Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE 31.5 cm (12.4 inch) Large Display, S-Pen in Box, Slim Metal Body, Dolby Atmos Sound, RAM 4 GB, ROM 64 GB Expandable, Wi-Fi Tablet, Mystic Green

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  • Display size - 31.5 cm (12.4 inch) Large Vibrant Display (2560 X 1600 WQXGA); Display Type: Lcd; Max Display brightness (500 nits); Screen refresh rate (60Hz); Cinematic viewing experience in 16:10 screen-ratio
  • Calling supported -Wi-Fi calling; 4 GB RAM, 64 GB Internal Memory (expandable to 1 TB); Processor Description - Sdm750gsm7225snapdragon 700 Series; Operating system - Android 11.0
  • Battery power - 10,090 mAH battery (Upto 13 hrs of Video Playback) with 45 W...

    User reviews

    Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE is one of the best tablets you can buy now if you can afford it.I would suggest you go for it if you are primarily a student but don't get me wrong, it's a great tab for media consumption too. As I, myself am a power user, this review will be mostly productive-oriented. I'm sorry if you're a media consumption guy, then you'd have to look at other reviews.Pros:1.S Pen2.S Note3. Multi-window experience for productive workflows4. Large display for productivity and media consumption5. Samsung DEX6. The tablet can be used as a secondary display for your computer7. Loud speakers and Dolby Atmos8. Tons of other features which I won't mention here as that would rob the readers who are reading this review of theirprecious time.Cons:1.*RAM* and STORAGE2.No headphone jack3.No fingerprint reader4. OneNote is not optimised for tablet note-taking5. Tablet is heavy (not an issue for me but it can be for many people as it is really heavy and can cause your hand to ache a lot if you use it one-handed for long periods).Reviewing RAM:As far as I'm concerned, 4GB RAM is the ONLY REAL disadvantage of this tablet. So I want to discuss the issues related to RAM in detail.If you're a power user like me, you'd feel frustrated at times due to the frequent stuttering while shifting between apps and working due to low RAM. Adding to that, the tablet comes with tons of inbuilt or pre-installed apps, but not all of them are removable. The tablet only keeps approximately 3 apps USAGE in memory. Don't misunderstand the statement, what I'm trying to say is, although the tab keeps open all the apps that you've opened, it won't RESUME whenever you access your previously opened apps. I mean, the apps will keep refreshing instead of resuming where you LEFT OFF. It mostly resumes 3 sometimes 4 apps without refreshing. I hope you understood my point.I advise you not to install a ton of apps on a 4GB RAM variant. It would stutter a lot and the loading time of apps is a lot, I mean if you are not good at waiting, it'll surely test your patience. So, try to limit the no. of apps you install on this variant.If you are ready to go with the 6GB variant, I'll not stop you from installing your fav apps but I think that no matter the variant, a tablet consumes more RAM than a mobile phone which in turn increases the loading times of apps. To resolve this issue, Samsung has built in a cool feature or not-so-cool feature which is dependent on the user's mindset i.e. the auto-disable feature. The tab automatically disables the apps that are not used for a long time to save up on RAM.So assuming that you're interested in purchasing the Galaxy Tab S7 FE, I would suggest you:1. go for a 6GB variant if you can afford it, OR continue reading the below-mentioned points if you're willing to go with a 4GB variant2. uninstall pre-installed apps that are removable3. disable all other pre-installed apps that cannot be removed but make sure NOT to disable those system apps that are ESSENTIAL for the smooth functioning of the tab.4. only install important and NECESSARY apps that you would primarily want to use this tablet for5. get yourselves a memory card. I would suggest you go with a 256GB SanDisk. There are 2 reasons for this suggestion: FIRST ONE, the tablet is not just low on RAM but on storage too. If you are purchasing the 4GB variant, it only comes with 64GB storage which would be consumed in mere days or months depending on the PURPOSE of your use. The SECOND REASON for buying a memory card is that the tab can allocate some of the card storage to your RAM so that more apps can stay opened and can be resumed whenever you need them to.You can get a 128GB card if you are a casual user.Apple Vs Samsung:Depending on the PURPOSE for which the tablet is being used, it can become a highly powerful, productive piece of equipment to a mere paperweight. It is very useful for students who take a ton of NOTES. Medical students should buy this tablet without a second thought as it would almost eliminate the number of books that they need to carry.Drawing artists may go for an APPLE iPad since its stylus is better for DRAWING relatively. Also, Apple iPads are stutter or lag-free comparatively. But, if you are more into writing hundreds of pages, Samsung tabs do the job better than Apple tabs as it has a very soft tip stylus. Apple pencil on a GLASSY Apple iPad doesn't feel natural to write on.Apple has a lot of iPad SPECIFIC note-taking apps that you can download and use whereas Android has very few apps. I mean, the Android Play store has thousands of apps (Apple's App Store has more) but it doesn't have a lot of apps that are specially designed for a tablet, not even note-taking apps (you can count on fingers). The Apple ecosystem makes the iPad deal a lot sweeter than it already is.S Note, OneNote, and Note Shelf Review:S NOTE is the number one note-taking app. It is designed by Samsung ESPECIALLY for note-taking. You can do anything from taking simple notes, memos, to writing on PDFs and word documents. It does all of that effortlessly.But it CANNOT be synced to other devices UNLESS it is a Samsung device as the S Note is available only on SAMSUNG devices which would lead you to carry your tablet wherever you go. If you DON'T have a Samsung device other than your Samsung Tab, you may regret using S Note as it cannot be used on non-Samsung devices.ONENOTE on the other hand although good at syncing is developed poorly for TABLET note-taking. It is so poorly developed that you'll stop using it on a tablet.I use OneNote on my laptop when I need to TYPE my notes and use the tablet app for studying and revising my typed notes.I also use OneNote for my ToDo lists and stuff as the sticky notes app on windows can be synced to one note to make it more smooth and efficient.OneNote would become more powerful than S Notes if Microsoft made it more tablet friendly.NOTE SHELF is good in its own way but is not feature-rich like S Note or OneNote. It is suitable for short notes or memos.I'm currently using only S Note for note-taking on my Tab S7 FE as it is the only tablet-friendly note-taking app (for now).S Pen Review:The S Pen and S Note are very powerful and very accurate for note-taking compared to any other tablets in the market (except Samsung Galaxy Tab S8) in my opinion. This tablet is a blessing for people who take lots of notes as the S PEN and the tab are very accurate and feel like Pen on paper and save you the burden of carrying a ton of books, pens, and papers (literally).I heard that the Samsung tabs are suited for WRITING or NOTE TAKING more than for drawing but that doesn't mean it is not good for drawing. I won't talk more on it since I know nothing about drawing and stuff. Look on the internet for more if you are into drawing.Display:Keep in mind that the display is super GLOSSY and it reflects almost all the light that falls on it (almost all the tablets do the same, I don't know about Apple iPad). I suggest you use it indoors.The large display is very useful for multitasking. You can open up to three windows and use them at once. No other device does it better than Samsung.Battery, tablet weight, gaming etc.:I won't talk much about other features because I don't use my devices for media consumption as I feel that it is an absolute waste of my precious time. The battery backup is more than sufficient for my work and study. The tab comes with a "Battery Protect" option which would cut the charging when it reaches 85%. It's a very powerful feature for a tablet but keep in mind that this would increase the number of times you charge your tab as it would charge only up to 85%.FYI, the tablet is heavy but that's to be expected from large tablets right? Although the 4GB variant has a capable processor that can play games, it may stutter if you wanna play high-end games like PUBG or CODM due to low RAM. I don't know how it performs on a 6GB tab but if you want to play those games, I suggest you to get the 6GB tab. I think iPad does a better job in gaming.No FPR and 3.5mm audio jack:The tab doesn't come with fingerprint reader. You have to use PIN or face recognition. There is no earphone jack either but the speakers are loud. You can use wireless earphones via Bluetooth.Conclusion:What more can I say? I regret not purchasing a 6GB variant as I can't afford that kind of money, but I'm thinking to replace my 4GB tab with a 6GB variant sometime in the future, during festival season (as the prices will be low around that time) which would let me study and work with peace of mind.I'll upgrade to Tab S8 and a Samsung Mobile Phone with STYLUS (current mobile phone: Vivo V15 Pro) after landing myself a good job. I won't be using Apple devices as I'm more into Android.Don't get confused with this long review, I tried my best to cover the goods and bads of the 4GB variant. Read the review multiple times and make an informed decision. Read other reviews and watch YT videos before finalising your decision. I won't talk about Apple iPads as this review is about Samsung tablets and also as I haven't used an iPad in my life, I got no user experience on it, so that wouldn't justify my take on the Apple device. If you're an Apple fan and if you like seemless experience, then you should definitely check iPad. Also if you want speed and performance, an iPad won't disappoint you. There are also a ton of apps for note-taking but the most popular one is Goodnotes.Pricing:I bought the tablet during Diwali for 35,000 INR which is 7K less than the regular price. Anyone willing to buy this tab should get it during festivals so that they can benefit from the festival offer. There'll be extra discounts if you're using certain debit and credit cards. Make sure you avail of all those offers and get it for as low as possible. 35,000 INR after discount is still a lot for a laggy device IMHO, but there are no better ANDROID tablets in the market at present in this price RANGE.Packaging and Delivery:Although my delivery came on time and in an Amazon bubble wrapping on top of the tablet box, the delivery may NOT come safely for you depending on where you're LOCATED and the delivery PERSON. So be careful while receiving the delivery, make sure to record it while you open the package for the first time. It may come in handy if you receive a damaged product or some other problem and you'd be able to claim a refund or replacement.Make sure to purchase a good quality flip cover for your tablet and protect it from scratches and damages. Handle it responsibly and it will take care of your work/study without any issues but you gotta be patient with the loading times. Just keep in mind that every device has its good and bads. At the end of the day you have to make a choice. So go for it if you have read my whole review and still want to purchase it but are hesitating, I'm sure you'll love it like me.Thank you for reading until the end patiently, pls give it a like if you liked my review as I have taken a lot of time writing it to make it as accurate and understandable as possible. All the best👍
    The processor is not a good 778g out of the lot. The RAM is not the best out of the lot. The UI can get a bit laggy (slower response time). The pen is super good and super useful. If you thought you don't need a pen, you won't need it, until you use it. You can use it as a second screen for your windows computer. That's pretty much everything there is to it. You won't regret having it. Samsung provides the best tablet experience, if you're only for the performance with a huge phone screen, go for lenovo and xiaomis.
    It's been two weeks since I got my Galaxy S7 FE with great offer at a price of 25k and I am super happy with its performance.The screen on here is absolutely beautiful. I have an super amoled phone but I could hardly tell the difference despite this being a TFT Display.Battery and performance is awesome too!If you're out there having doubts this is a sign to buy the tab S7 FE. I got the base model wifi variant and it is so snappy with the Snapdragon 778g processor. I use it mainly for media consumption,stock market analysis, annotating pdfs, and a bit of drawing.Pros:Large screenPremium buildSpen IncludedUseful software and DeX modeLong battery lifeCons:Lacks 3.5mm headset jackNo Fingerprint sensor15W charger bundled ( takes 3hrs to charge)

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