Xiaomi Pad 5| Qualcomm Snapdragon 860| 120Hz Refresh Rate| 6GB, 128GB| 2.5K+ Display (10.95-inch/27.81cm)|1 Billion Colours| Dolby Vision Atmos| Quad Speakers| Wi-Fi| Gray

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Rs. 25,998
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  • Brand: ‎Xiaomi
  • Manufacturer: ‎Xiaomi, Wingtech Technology (Wuxi) Co., Ltd., No.11, Changjiang South Road, Xinwu District, Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province, China - 214000
  • Model Name: ‎Xiaomi Pad 5
  • Product Dimensions: ‎25.5 x 16.6 x 0.7 cm; 511 Grams
  • Batteries: ‎1 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)
  • Item part number: ‎YD-DZ-DE-V-POR-0905-A-182
  • RAM Size: ‎6 GB
  • Memory Storage Capacity: ‎128 GB
  • Flash Memory Installed Size: ‎128 GB
  • Ram Memory Installed Size: ‎6 GB
  • Operating System: ‎Android 11
  • Processor Brand: ‎Qualcomm
  • Processor Count: ‎8
  • Processor Model Number: ‎Snapdragon 860
  • Hardware Platform: ‎Android
  • Graphics Card Description: ‎Integrated
  • Graphics Coprocessor: ‎Adreno 640
  • Mounting Hardware: ‎1 unit each of Tablet, Quick Start Guide, Adapter, USB Type-C Cable
  • Number Of Items: ‎1
  • Standing screen display size: ‎10.95 Inches
  • Display Type: ‎LCD
  • Image Contrast Ratio: ‎1500:1
  • Aspect Ratio: ‎16:10
  • Screen Resolution: ‎2560 x 1600 pixels
  • Resolution: ‎2560x1600 Pixels
  • Batteries Included: ‎Yes
  • Batteries Required: ‎Yes
  • Battery Cell Composition: ‎Lithium Ion
  • Wireless Type: ‎802.11ac
  • Cellular Technology: ‎Wi Fi
  • Connector Type: ‎Bluetooth, Wi-Fi
  • Device interface - primary: ‎Touchscreen with Stylus Support
  • Manufacturer: ‎Xiaomi
  • Country of Origin: ‎China
  • Item Weight: ‎511 g


  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 860 Octa-core processor | 6GB RAM | 128GB Internal Storage
  • WQHD+ (2560x1600 high resolution) 10.95" Dolby Vision display | 120Hz refresh rate | Supports DCI-P3 with over 1 billion colours
  • Quad Speakers with Dolby Atmos | Long lasting 8720 mAh Battery | Android 11
  • 13MP Rear Camera with 4K recording | 8MP Front camera | Ultra Slim design

User reviews

first i would like to comment on the tab market of India. the most peculiar thing I have seen in India is, when a particular product is aimed towards students or education suddenly corporations go out of their way to milk money and under deliver as much as possible. it is exactly opposite to how students are given access to technology in the USA. you watch the prices of chromebooks, tablets, back to school offers in the US and compare them to India and it feels extremely unbalanced. after the pandemic there was a huge surge in the tab market and tier 1 brands started delivering garbage for 20000 rupees. snapdragon 400, old mediatek, 4gb ram, abysmal non ips screen for 20k just to mint money and take advantage of pandemic scenario and the circumstances of students. THIS TABLET BRINGS THE REVOLUTION.I am no student, but bought this for day to day use and I am an user of the normal big bezel 7th gen iPad, so my review will be comparative in nature. also i bought this at 23000 rupees so my judgements will be in accordance to the price I paid.1. if you are planning to buy an iPad, just buy it considering 64gb is enough for you and you use it for normie scenarios. you do day to day stuff you will be satisfied with your ipad with its everlasting updates.this tablet if compared spec vs spec give a good challenge to the ipad FOR 23K RUPEES. even for 27k it is fine.2. build is fine although I put a tempered glass on the 1st day itself. back is plastic but sides are metal and the back gets quite smudgy.3. the IPS screen is really good, there is no backlight bleeding, no dead pixels as you can see in the picture with the dark background. I am used to OLED screens on phones so at first blacks may disappoint but OLED is impossible at this price. the screen is better than my 7th gen iPad's display. it is brighter, has more punchy colours, blacks are darker. on top of that 120hz panel, hdr certification, dolby vision support makes it great for content consumption. it would be a great device for xbox cloud gaming with the xbox controller attached to it. display is the part of the device with which you interact the most and display is the highest point of this tablet.4. snapdragon 860 is fine in a market where older mediateks and lower midrange snapdragons are dumped into the market. hence I say if you don't want this just buy an iPad but don't buy any other android tablet at 20-30k price point. all are trash. 860 was fine with all those games which rule the market today. it has less pixels to push than in a phone and the bigger surface area helps in better heat dissipation so gaming is effortless.5. i can't comment on how the battery will serve me in the long run but for now i don't see any drain or backup issues with content consumption or gaming. it has a 22.5 watt charger in the box although it does support 33 watt charging. the bigger battery takes some time to charge with the inbox charger but my iPad takes even longer with its trash charger and it has a bigger battery and apple devices are extremely picky with chargers.6. the camera is okayish, just like most tablet cameras. the iPad has even worse cameras. for document scanning it should be fine but other than that it is not much useful. it is still better than what samsung and lenovo gives in 25k range tablets.7. the second highest point of this tablet is its quad speakers. they are loud, have depth, are not sibilant and have brilliant stereo separation and soundstage. they are louder and punchier than those normal non ultrabook thiccc laptops which cost 40-50k. they will hit you as a massive surprise. i did not at all expect such good speakers. they seriously outmatch those cheapo 700Rs boat, goat, mivi generic speakers in terms of distortion at max volumes, separation and low end. of course those cheap speakers would be louder and more shrill but it is about quality vs quantity.coming to the cons-1. was it courage or something else that xiaomi couldn't find a place for a 3.5mm jack. not even a dongle in the box. they should seriously stop copying apple's wrong habits and instead copy their good habits like long device support via updates. although I mitigated the issue by using portable dongle DACs like shanling ua1, ibasso dc03.....etc which i generally use with even my phones and my PC coz they are way better than on board audio of most devices except some devices like some LG phones with quad dac. i am an audio enthusiast so i spend money on such products and you need not. although it works with my old MI A2 dongle just fine.2. for 23000 rupees I don't expect the pen and people who are expecting a pen with 23k tablet should really open their eyes and look the disaster also know as Indian tablet market and its offerings but for 27k they could just offer a bundle where you pay 1k-2k rupees more and get the pen as an add on.3. the accessory market might not be that vibrant. already there are no unofficial cases available from good brands. there is one from nillkin here on amazon and the seller has the audacity to price it at 5000 rupees LOL. the official xiaomi folio case is magnetic slap on at the back and i don't trust those type of cases.one more issue that I would like to point out is that xiaomi lately has a tendency to creep up prices by 500-1000 rupees within a month or two by doing the good old "GST BRO". so if it ever reaches 28-29k for the 128gb version just close your eyes and buy an iPad with card discounts.so, in a nut shell for 23K it is was no brainer, but even for 27K it is a really good deal considering what its competitors are.hope this was helpful.
I have been using the Mi Pad 5 for over a month now, and am only glad that I didn't spend more on an iPad. Once the retail-therapy phase of the device wears off, what remains is the user experience. While it is true for both devices, I find that I'm more at ease with the Mi pad 5 for the sheer look and feel of the content I watch in it. I also spend a lot of time reading books and illustrated designs (PDFs) and I often found myself amazed (almost chuffed) over how good the content looked. That display gets the accolades for a reason.The Mi Pad 5 largely meets my expectations and when people see this tablet, the immediate comparison they make is how much it resembles the iPad (a gross generalisation). So, here's my take on Apple's iPad (9th Gen) vs. Xiaomi Pad 5If you have an Apple device already, and are especially looking to expand on the productivity element from the tablet, you need to stick to the iPad. Not just because it is going to regulate the standard, but you will definitely miss out on the features that eco-system offers.So, buy the iPad if you:are not concerned about the price-tagare looking at designing with the Apple pencil and are familiar with, or going to use ProCreateare making an investment with this purchase and will not be back in the market for a new tablet anytime soon.intend to use the tablet for presentations and want to take no chances with the devicehave a clear purpose for the 'Sidecar' feature - if you don't use it despite buying the iPad, you are missing out!engage in a lot of official video-conferences and are prone to moving about and may accidentally go out of frame. The iPad has a feature that addresses this to an extent.are not expecting substantially higher results than the Mi Pad 5 from the in-built camera in general.have a proclivity towards the Apple design, their decisions and are generally happy with the software choices Apple makes for you.don't really care about features beyond a rigid list of activities you are certain the iPad is able to do; and that this list is unlikely to change in the near future.looking for a reliable product that will receive Software support for a long period of time.are expecting the device to be used by responsible adults who are careful with the tabletare unaffected by hefty repair costs should the glass crack or the rear panel be dentedhave a need to use touch IDOn the other hand, buy the Mi pad 5 if you:are looking at gaming on a plethora of titles that are on the Google PlayStore and perhaps not found elsewheredon't care much about the stock iOS cookie-cutter experience and think customization is the only way you'll truly be happy with the tablet you use.want the best quality of video and photo capture from a tablet - meaning better video calls and video capture. This doesn't mean the camera will replace the phone you already have, but the Pad 5 is a tool that goes the extra-mile of taking good quality images, scanning documents and allows edits on its large screen.value video-quality from the Mi Pad camera than the AI that drives the face-tracking function iPad offers.want the most of the audio experience, higher audio quality, clarity and richness.are expecting rich colour depth, HDR quality video experience and will be spending more than 50% of your time on the tablet watching videos.don't like limitations imposed on you, as with the software you use (sideload APKs), rooting, Custom Firmware, overclocking, etc. If you do any or all of these, forget about the iPad.are mostly going to use it as a fun device to watch movies on or consume audio-visual mediaare not expecting to pay an arm and a leg (comparatively) to fix a broken screen or a damaged back panel.are okay without a fingerprint scanner and is okay with FaceID, PIN or Pattern for security.At the end of the day, you as a user of the tablet spend most of your time looking at the glorious screen of the tablet and interacting with what inside the device; not the logo at the back.
The tablet is totally fine but sometimes is bucked out there is so many bugs bugs glitches I have contact to Xiaomi they will try to fix it. One req don't upgraded after you buy don't have to do 13.0.6 . After the update not a single Google application is running on floating window and while split screen there is so many Black patches around the bar white bar sometimes. nice tablet you can go with it. And if you are thinking about productivity multimedia go for it because most mostly as student do presentation word Excel taken notes and all the things and handle easily were by this tablet and I am using it for games and other purposes it handle it quite nicely but you have to wait for Android l because Android 12l is good for tablet.New update is here.So the new Android 12 update is here unfortunately is not Android 12 l but is working fine all the bugs has been fixed few miner bugs are there but it's totally refined from the past and system is working great 120 hertzs now looks amazing because animation bugs has been fixed and battery life is been fixed is now working more than 10 hours fortunately video playback and for day to day task you can go easily 2 to 3 days because I am doing PPT Excel sheet and other documentation it's work totally fine and yeah that's the new update and go for xiaomi back 5. About pencilSo I bought xiaomi pencil for 6000 and if I say latency has been improved but if if you don't have the budget of 6000 go for another shopping site which name after f cart yeah🙂 and you can buy it's f(smart buy) pencil for 1500 rupees it works fine too and you don't have to spend 6000 you can go with the 1500 just you will not have those key features like taking screenshots and write something on it or double tap to note down..

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