(Renewed) Nikon D7500 DX-Format Digital SLR Body (Black)

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  • This Renewed product is tested to work and look like new with minimal to no signs of wear & tear; the product comes with relevant accessories and is backed by a minimum six month seller warranty; box may be generic
  • Class leading image quality, ISO range, image processing and metering equivalent to the award-winning D500
  • Large 3.2" 922K dot, tilting LCD screen with touch functionality
  • 51-point AF system with 15 cross-type sensors and group-area AF paired...

    User reviews

    Received the renewed Nikon D7500 in a plain white box with label on the outside showing camera was refurbished by Nikon, which was a pleasant surprise. When I took the camera out it looked brand new. No scratches, dings or blemishes of any kind. All accessories that came with the camera (battery, battery charger, USB cable and camera strap) were brand new Nikon accessories, not after-market brands which was another pleasant surprise. I have only used the camera once since receiving a couple of days ago but camera seems to be working as expected with no problems yet. Will give it a couple of months (still within warranty period) and revisit this review. So far a really good bargain for a really good camera.
    OK.. i have been in photography for 5 decades.i have had many good film cameras, some decent "all in one Digital cameras"< like Konica'Minoltas Dimage A2-a "pro-sumer" camera that was top notch when it first came out.but this is my first DSLR. if it wasnt for being acquainted with most of the terminology, this would be quite a handful of a camera to just jump into the Deep end of DSLR cameras.It has a big "books worth" of features.and you need to BUY that book. ( or books-- camera manual alone is NOT going to cut it )probably the best book for this camera, is Nikon D7500 by David D. Busch. He has several photog books out, and is a pre-eminent expert on all things DSLR. so yea, you need the book.. its big, detailed, and goes thru everything there is to know about the D7500, and didnt even know you needed to ask.Ok.. camera.I have only started to use it, but its still got some very user friendly options, function buttons you can set for your own needs, adjustments and presets, etc. ( all of that is in the book, way to much info to just review ).I was looking at this camera, and the Canon 7D Mark II.. a toss up. Canon might have some edge in a few areas, but not many, and none i believe you could ever really take enough advantage of, to "see" the results in your photosThis camera has a huge range of ISO settings, and is one of the best at keeping noise at bay at the higher ISO settings.not to say you can shoot at 25600 and 10 min exposures, it simply handles a lot more noise better than most in, or slightly above, its price point.AF is fantastic, pick the points you want to use in several pre-set modes, or let the camera to the guesswork.the camera has 180k photos built in for comparison for metering purposes, but even if thats not enough, you have a wide variety of metering modes and area ( sizes) to choose from.Color rendition is ever so slightly warm, but not in a bad way, or really noticeable. thats just Nikons typical color range.speed of AF is really quick. this is touted as an excellent sports camera, and you will see why.i havent ( and dont plan on really Trying to test it ) had to worry about weather/dust, etc, but this camera was given superior weather and dust proofing to its predecessor the D7200.the only drawback(s), which are not of any consequence ( to me ), no pistol grip with extra battery power,-that is guaranteed, there is a brand out there, thats SUPPOSED to work, but, i'll wait.1 card slot, where D7200 had two. if you have a 128GB card, not sure how or why you would need two, unless the camera could write to them in alternating fashion.. which i am not aware of.simply buy a quality card- they arent pricey. Samsung EVO Select on here (amazon), has a 45mb write speed, with higher versions at 80mb write speeds, and all near 95mb read speeds.that should be fast enough for virtually any need you will come across with this model Camera.this camera has features that will take me months to master, as well as discover ( i dont have days to just run around and play with it, i dearly wish i did, its a joy to hold/use ).it also has basics that anyone familiar with Digital cameras in general, can use and recognize.if you want a slightly less pricey "Jump" into the Decent DSLR end of the Pool, i recommend the Nikon D5600. not short on features at all, just a few items across the board fall short of the D7500's extreme capabilities.but, you wont be as overwhelmed either.if you are a TOTAL Digital Camera novice.... Nikon D3600 is your ride.. trust me. you dont want to be intimidated by , or get a camera with features you will never USE but PAID for.Canon Rebel series is also a GOOD more " novice" choice.. no knock on Canon here.. i have one.. lol ! !a Pro level Camera, is the D7500..albeit what might be considered a "Entry level Pro" camera.. its a very advanced camera all around, and lacks or lags behind the MUCH pricier cameras, by only small margins in various areas.Again, areas you wont notice, probably will never "get to" in the cameras lifetime, or need.unless you are trapsing thru Jungles in the Amazon, or Deep Bush in Africa, or maybe in the Arctic..then Nikon D810 , Canon EOS 5D Mark IV is your game..at 2-4x the price..
    La he probado y tengo problemas con el lente Nikon 80-200 2.8 D, me sale un mensaje de error FEE, para descartar el error probé en dos cámaras d7500 y D7200 y el lente trabaja bien. No he podido resolver. Con otros lentes sigma trabaja bien, solo actualice la última versión 1.10Luego de muchas pruebas resulto que la camara esta dañada por eso no reconoce lentes serie D, compre otra camara y el lente trabajo sin problemas.

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